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Staining and Sealing

Transform Your Floors with Low-Maintenance Concrete Staining

Get the perfect concrete floor with minimal effort. Stain it for a flawless look that requires little upkeep. Let us transform your home’s garage floor or elevate your outdoor concrete surfaces with limitless design options.

Garage Floors | Driveways | Interior Floors | Sidewalks | Pool Decks | Patios | Barndominiums

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Quality Staining Solutions

Our staining product is a remarkable, long-lasting dye that enhances both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. Say goodbye to traditional acid staining techniques and embrace the modern efficiency of acetone dyes. Our process offers consistent and predictable colors, minus the mess and tedious labor of traditional acid stains. With our acetone dyes, we will transform your floors in just one day, from preparation to sealing. Find your perfect color or unleash your creativity by mixing and matching to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Durable Sealants

Achieve long-lasting, tough, and beautiful concrete flooring with our expert sealant solutions. Our specialized sealants not only enhance the durability of your concrete floors but also provide protection against wear, UV damage, and stains. Say goodbye to worries and hello to lasting results.

Most Popular Colors

Light Gray

Medium Gray

Dark Gray


Sun Buff




Raw Sienna



Chocolate Brown


Forest Green

Burnt Sienna

Egg Plant

Dixie Red



Saddle Brown

Terra Cotta


Midnight Black

Slate Blue





Maintaining Your Concrete Floor Staining

Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines and hello to a stunning floor that stays impeccable. To keep your stained concrete floor looking its best, a regular sweep and mop will do the trick. And to maintain the durability and allure of your floor, make sure to have the sealant reapplied every few years.

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